Wasatch Reserve Studies

Why Do You Need a Reserve Study?

Utah State Code 57-8a-211. Requires that all community associations within the state must have a full reserve study performed by July 1, 2012 and then again every six years, with an update every three years. This requirement can be more frequent depending on your CC&Rs.

About US

Why Wasatch Reserve Studies?

Kenny and Casey share their desire to help community associations reach their reserve goals by providing the most accurate reserve study available. Kenny has managed HOA communities throughout Utah for 14 years, has an MBA in International Marketing and Logistics and has over 20 years of customer service experience. Casey has 15 years experience as a general contractor, so he knows the intricate details of buildings that might get overlooked. He has performed reserve studies for over 10 years. The combined experience provides customers with a unique balance of expertise and understanding, which will provide you with a quick solution for your reserve study needs. We work with industry professionals throughout the state who specialize in community association law, collections, audit work, and all legislative updates.

Our Team

Kenny Wilson
My name is Kenny Wilson. I was born in St. George and have lived in Utah for 31 years. I am the father of three wonderful children and the most amazing wife. I enjoy the outdoors; camping, fishing, ATV riding, golfing, and traveling with my family. I graduated from Weber State University with my bachelor’s degree then completed my MBA with Argosy University, where I focused on International Marketing and Logistics. I have worked in HOA management since 2009 and have been completing reserve studies since 2015.
Casey Fuller
My name is Casey Fuller. I was both born and raised in Utah and currently live in a booming community in Utah County. I love and adore my wife and four children. I enjoy being out in the outdoors – hunting, fishing, hiking and being with family. I have been a Reserve Project Manager for over five years. Prior to that position I was a General Contractor who built custom homes in Utah and Arizona. I have experience and knowledge in computer engineering as well as commercial, residential, and industrial electrical services. I have a strong business ethic and enthusiasm for doing things efficiently and quickly.

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